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PRT Communication group has been in the public communication market since 1999.
In this period we have embodied more than 300 projects in Ukraine, CIS, Western and Eastern Europe and the USA. We combined efforts of specialists in areas of PR and GR, media and IT, sociology and political science, finance and monitoring. Since then we work every day, without any days off. We arrange anti-crisis and “peaceful” projects in spheres of business, public and policy. 
We are united by professionalism and patriotism. We represent the interests of legal units working and aiming at informational sphere and public. Upgrading peoples’ communications, we enrich our world with brightness and perfection.  This is the PRT mission.  
The main purpose of PRT is to overcome the obstacles successfully and solute clients’ tasks effectively. We work only for clients and they are our pride and reputation. And that is why we always ready to stand up for our interests with as much zeal and success, as when we stand for interests of every our Client.
PRT Communication group is a Ukrainian partner of Financial Dуnamics(London), one of the world’s most sought-after business and financial communications consultancies.
Our partnership envisages cooperation in the segment of corporate and financial communications, search and protection of investment, maintenance and strengthening of reputation, new markets involvement, etc. Due to economic crisis these services became the most significant.  
Another PRT partner is Mapledene Publishing (London) well known by its work in sectors of printing industry, financial and economic policy.
Besides, PRT is a member of European Business Association since 2008. 
Moreover, the Company supports charity work. Also PRT Communication group initiated the range of public projects:  High-profile incidents  rating, Effective business communications, Communication effectiveness index, National index of reputational stability and communicative efficiency. All these projects provide the dialog between the partners and rivals, audiences, states…and make people to talk and listen each other.
Effective communications made by PRT and enrich you.  

Our partners

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