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History of PRT

The PRT’s history began in 1999 starting with an idea to create a full-fledged national PR-structure in Ukraine. “PR-company «PRime-Time»” LLC was registered in Kiev on April 13, 2000, and this date we consider to be the official birthday of PRT.
By 2003 «PRime-Time» had substantially expanded areas of activity and its Clients’ portfolio. At the one moment, after we analyzed our work, it became clear that the PRT’s activity had already gone beyond ‘classical’ PR – we solved communication tasks where PR played a key, but no longer an exclusive role. Besides, there emerged an acute necessity to bring the Company’s name into line with European standards.
In spite of risks concerned with re-branding and new positioning at the market, «PRime-Time» soon was given a new name - Communication Group «PRT».
That is why «PRime-Time» and PRT are not the two different companies. They are two stories of one company, which appeared at the dawn of a birth of Ukrainian PR-services market, and which in many respects designed this market – by specialists, ideas, creativeness, ‘know-how’.

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