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Effective Business Communications

Эффективные бизнес коммуникации
Целью проекта является попытка изучения и оценки развития коммуникационных технологий в разнообразных отраслях экономики Украины, выявление общих проблем и тенденций. Исследование проводится по принципу параллельного опроса фокус-групп и оценивания по 10-бальной шкале. Результаты Эффективных бизнес-коммуникаций в какой-то степени субъективны, однако они отображают существующие рыночные тенденции. Одним из важнейших выводов, который можно сделать, опираясь на результаты исследований, состоит в том, что отмечен низкий уровень коммуникации и при этом мало кто знает, что надо делать для улучшения ситуации, а тем более делает. Наверное, это и есть основная причина значительного коммуникационного дисбаланса между спросом и предложением.
Financial crisis in Ukraine will drag on at least 2 - 5 years and bear $ 50 billion losses.

Long-term spring confrontation between President and prime-minister risks to turn into a large scale political crisis, which will force business to seek for cooperation with authority and opposition – such opinion was expressed by 43% of respondents of a research “How does business feel in Ukraine today?” carried out by PRT Communication group within the framework of social project “Effective Business Communications”. Representatives of 100 industrial companies, which display various branches of economics in Ukraine, took part in the research.


In 2004-2006 different actions of authority became one of the main factors which prevented business from progressive development in Ukraine. Such opinion was expressed by 55% of respondents – representatives of business within the framework of the project “Estimation of conditions for development of business in post-election period”. The research was organized by PRT Communication group within the framework of the project “Effective Business Communications”. Respondents of the research included representatives of 100 Ukrainian companies, who displayed leading branches of economics, throughout whole Ukraine.


Kyiv Municipal Administration is responsible for the scandal connected with “Elita-Center” – according to opinion of 47,4% of investors and 27,8% of building companies, which were interrogated by PRT communication group within the framework of the program “Effective Business Communications” on Feb 16th-17th.


Disturbing opinions about the condition of cooperation between business and authority need an immediate correction of political-economic reformations course. Business representatives are anxious about the present political situation in Ukraine and about actions of a new writ authority.


Coming of the biggest steel works player in the world Mittal Steel Company to Ukraine turned to be a surprise for state business. Such a conclusion can be made according to the total of expert poll carried out by PTR Communication group within the framework of the project “Effective Business Communications” among the Ukrainian enterprisers and Mass Media.


According to opinion of the most influential Ukrainian Mass Media, IUD deserves the highest mark, and “Privat” group – the lowest among all Ukrainian FIG. These are the results of expert poll “Ukrainian FIG today” carried out by PRT communication group within the framework of the program “Effective business communications” which started in 2004.


For a majority of Ukrainian bankers the elections of President don’t seem to be a factor of visional risk. This was confirmed by 57% of representatives of 23 leading banks of Ukraine that took part in expert poll which was held by PRT communication group in September 2004.


Tendencies which threaten to harm national safety have appeared in Ukrainian MMC. Only 32% of Ukrainian metallurgists correlate their development with general world processes while 68% think that they’re living by themselves. These are the results of expert poll held among top-managers of UMMC by PRT communication group in September, which was supported by more than 15 representatives of the biggest metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine.


PRT communication group carried interrogated the participants of grain and bread market in the first decade of August to reveal the situation, expectations and impressions inside the branch.


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