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“National index of reputational stability and communicative efficiency” in abbreviated form «RC index» is an innovative analytical product, the objective of which is to determine the extent and the mechanisms of the influence of the communication system of studied objects (institutions, organizations and companies) on their reputational indicators.

«RC index» is pressing and novelty because it is the first attempt in Ukraine to define the precise scientific indicators of the communication policies efficiency of domestic public and commercial organizations, and to show the interaction of these indicators with reputational characteristics of the research.

"Start-up" settles the primary indicators, this indicators appropriate rating values with ranking. National index of reputational stability and communicative efficiency, as dynamics index, will be deduced on the results of the second data metering.

The methodology of reputational indexes calculation involves a complex multilevel process of collection and processing of mathematical information, which leads not only to measure the business reputation of research objects in numerical data, but also to assess it in terms of efficiency.

1. Content-analysis of informational space - formalized qualitative-quantitative synthesis of the studied objects in the media, through the identification of persistently recurring sense of the text.

2. The survey of experts, which includes some market professionals possessing the necessary information on the subject and having a sizeable impact on opinion within the professional environment.

3. Mathematical modeling, where the numerical values of the investigated variables, parameters and characteristics of investigated sites identified in previous phases are analyzed by means of logical-mathematical apparatus.

Thus «RC index», not only describes the reputational indicators, but also provides an opportunity to learn what and to what extent determines their basic quantitative and qualitative parameters.
Project’s authors

«RC index» is a joint analytical product of the Communication Group «PRT» and the Consulting Company «ComInform».

More detailed information about the methodology and public research results is presented on the web-portal of RC index information partner – Liga-BusinessInform (http://lbi.liga.net/ratings/about.html).