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Corporate Communications

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Corporate Communications approach is the most comprehensive one when it comes to company’s ‘ideal image’ building. In this case all company’s communications – both external and internal - are considered as a single mechanism in accordance with long-term strategic objectives.

Well-built corporate communications with external audiences (groups of public) help to establish long-term relationships with business partners, to ensure steady positions at the market, to strengthen a positive image and reputation, to gain loyalty of clients, and, therefore, to receive added value of the business and profits.

Success of business in many respects depends on target audiences’ loyalty towards the company. Therefore we suggest corporate communications to be considered in four dimensions:

- Building of a positive image of the company (and/or its products, services)

- Building of a positive image of the company’s top-management

- Positioning of the company

- Informational support to corporate events.

Under this framework taking into account specific character of the business and market we step by step draw up the most effective communication scheme. At the same time, tools are very diverse:

- Communication audit (quantitative and qualitative analysis of communications);

- Development of concepts and PR-strategies for corporate communication advancing;

- Organization of official and business events (opening of new units, new branches, and offices, VIP-receptions, conferences, presentations, and seminars);

- Task-oriented work with authorities and NGOs, professional organizations;

- Development and implementation of sponsorship and social programs.

We offer to our clients a complex optimization of communication processes, i.e. work on corporate and top-management images, reputation, corporate culture, crisis management, investor relations, relations with mass media and other audiences.

We help our clients to define their main target audiences, and use all possible communication channels to influence the latter.

Communication Group PRT regards Corporate Communications as one of key directions of its activity. Our track record includes more than 35 successfully implemented projects on building/optimization of Corporate Communications.


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