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Government Relations

Government Relations (GR) is a development and implementation of a system of interacting with state authorities. Taking advantage of GR services, you are building up a bridge between the authority and business. By this bridge, a lobby-information can be delivered for achieving of business goals.

We develop the following patterns:

- establishment and support of interaction with state authorities;

- initiating of consideration of issues in the Client’s interests;

- holding of actions on influencing a decision-making;

- organization of formal and informal meetings;

- organization of communication system inside the Company between department/specialist on GR, management, shareholders.

GR is one of mandatory programs of corporate communication building for our Clients. PRT has carried out more than 40 GR-projects - either under the framework of comprehensive PR-programs, or in a capacity of individual projects, aimed at lobbying of definite interests in environment of state authorities.


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