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Internal corporate communications

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Internal communications, corporate culture, corporate values, and standards – these concepts today do not exist only on the HR function level, but are entering a more global one. In Europe, the USA, and Japan building of effective internal communications became one of prerequisites for success in business a long time ago. Ukrainian business also starts to understand that an organization’s personnel lives and is managed by the same rules as any other community is, and that the staff’s particular features and its culture should be taken into account during coordination with it.

Properly established internal communications, a mature corporate culture, transparent systems of motivation – all these things contribute to enhancement of business efficiency. Therefore development of internal communications is an investment in the today’s stability and future prospects, an investment in growth of intangible assets.

A specific of internal communications lies in two different dimensions of perception of the Company and its activity by the personnel. On the one hand, the Company’s activity for its employees constitutes an essential and important part of their own activity, and therefore, significantly matters. On the other hand, since they are those who carry out the Company’s activity, they, like nobody else, can see how much declared values coincide with real ones. As a result they draw conclusions on what, for what purpose, and how is done in the Company. Exactly at this stage appears a feeling of satisfaction/dissatisfaction because of one’s belonging to the organization.

Our track record in the field of internal communications (intracorporate PR) and experience, gained in these projects, provide us with skills needed for both optimizing and rebuilding a communication model, as well as for constructing internal communications’ matrix from the very beginning.

Depending on the Company’s size, a stage of life-cycle, and strategic goals we develop and implement different algorithms intracorporate relations:

- Consulting and programs on corporate culture management (forming, strengthening, modifying);

- Development and implementation of programs on support of changes in the Company (shift of top management and of structure, mergers and acquisitions etc.), overcoming employees’ opposition to changes in the Company;

- Enhancement of communication channels’ efficiency (or creation of new ones);

- Promotion of the Company’s image among employees.

Tools are selected only after a communication audit takes place, аs for new Companies – after auditing of goals and vision:

- Intracommunication audit: ‘deep’ interviews, questionnaires, focus groups ;

- Corporate mass media, Intranet, information stands;

- Meetings with top-management, staff-meetings, conferences;

- Corporate Code (Code of Corporate Ethics), corporate standards;

- Trainings on team-building;

- Corporate events and actions;

- Management of ‘rumors’.

Experience of the PRT includes more than 10 implemented projects on internal communications building/optimizing.


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