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Internet promotion

«When the project is completed, a businessman in New York will be able to give the orders, and they will immediately appear in his office in London or elsewhere. He will be able to call any person on the planet from his job-seat without changing the existing equipment. A cheap device, not bigger than a watch, will allow its owner to listen to music, songs, speeches of politicians and scientists, priests’ homilies delivered at long distances, on water or land. In the same manner any image, symbol, picture, text can be transferred from one place to another. Millions of such devices can be controlled from a single station. And most importantly, all this will be transferred wireless ... »
1908 Nikola Tesla

Our team will help you ahead of time to apply the Internet technologies for the benefit of your business.

Currently, the level of confidence to the information on Internet is quite high, and the possibility of false or unwanted information about you or your company is almost inevitable.

This service is designed to solve complex tasks concerning promotion of company, person, product and service; to build a positive image and reputation, reverse the negative rumors.

The main challenges we solve in frames of Internet promotion are:

  • Internet PR - organization of PR campaigns on Internet, cooperation with on-line media, building the reputation in blog-sphere and social networks.

  • Hidden marketing - organization of viral campaigns, promotion of product / service on forums, blogs and social networks.

  • On-line reputation management - increasing of positive references about the company on search engines, displacement of negative information, SEO promotion.

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