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PR services within crisis

The main aim of anti-crisis PR is to represent the Clients’ interests within unfavorable conditions and to get real opportunity to lead external factors. In the period of economic crisis each company tries to keep the gained results, to reduce the losses and support its assets in order to increase company status after crisis.
PRT is always specialized in anti-crisis PR. Since October, 2008 the volume of anti-crisis projects clearly increased owing to financial industrial and construction sectors of businesses.
The conditions of anti-crisis assignments fulfillment are strict in terms and exact in results evaluation.
Urgency is the fundamental element of such contracts.
Flexible approach and fast reaction, absolute trust and confidentiality, common understanding and professional conduct need to successful realization of these projects.
What issues are the most interesting for our clients in present terms?
  • Keeping profitability and reduction of losses;
  • Keeping and spreading of “useful” target audiences;
  • Search of new forms of development and partners;
  • The optimization of communication with target audiences;
  • Prediction and reduction of risks;
  • Defense from negative market influence and its subjects;
  • Enhancement of stability;
  • Effective communications in the period of unfavorable conditions;
  • Conflicts management.
PRT’s port-folio includes more than 60 anti-crisis projects in the sphere of economics (65%) and policy (35%) in Ukraine and abroad.


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