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Reputation PR

Perfect corporate reputation can not be established for overnight and can not be a result of a simple luck. It is a thoroughly planned and controlled activity, which is applied in the Companys everyday work and aimed at forming of a ‘vital asset.

Researches show that a ‘good name’ provides quite tangible dividends: respected companies achieve better results by such indices like investment profitability, rise in sales and profits, share yield etc.

Reputation management is really essential in the industry of services, where a room of tangible assets is occupied by ideas in the process of added value producing. While competing for consumers, service suppliers have nothing to present, except for their reputation. A value of reputation is especially significant in spheres of financial, consulting, legal, and insurance services.

Reputation PR has its outcomes varying from advance in equity value to engagement of the best staff and reliable business partners. In crisis situations, reputation can contain a ‘pressure’ exercised toward the Company. However, it is the most demanding and delicate asset from the point of view of supporting it.

Our experience in reputation management will be of a great advantage for you - whether you are working on strengthening of your reputation or are trying to raise the Company’s investment attractiveness. We have implemented more than 80 reputation PR programs.